Malware and Virus Removal

Having a computer infected with malware on your network is a common way to let hackers in.


Does your computer all of a sudden run slow?   Do you see strange pop-ups?  

If so, you may have a computer virus.

Infections may result from normal daily use of even major, mainstream websites.


Think your machine is Infected?   We can fix it!   We serve both businesses and residential customers.


Take Action

A computer virus may lead to greater problems if not dealt with immediately; however, a PC or server can usually be returned to its fully operational condition by removing the offending software. In most cases, one of our experts can remove the malware from your machine remotely, over the internet, without having to visit your location. We use a time tested process to eradicate the infection. A security expert will remote your computer to remove the malware

Serious Infections

In some cases, a serious infection may require an on-site visit or a complete re installation of your operating system. Our support professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in removing all types of malware and viruses. We will guide you through the process and help you avoid future infections.


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